The Biggest Names on Wall Street

When trying to do a bit of research on some of the biggest names on Wall Street, most will inevitably turn to Google and find more information than they probably ever wanted to know about a particular person. We decided to have a little fun with Google’s auto-fill feature, which populates your search bar with the most popular searches given the text you input. We put the biggest names on Wall Street to the test, asking Google “why is…” and the results are quite entertaining .

Warren Buffett

Dubbed the Oracle of Omaha, it seems that many want to know how exactly Warren Buffett got to be so rich, and of course his political stance.


Carl Icahn

A Wall Street heavyweight, Carl Icahn has his hands in almost every major story in corporate America. Investors, however, are more concerned with his dealings with Apple and Dell [see also A Stock Trend You Never Considered: Comparing Search Traffic and Stock Performance].


George Soros

Best known for breaking the British pound, hedge-fund guru George Soros apparently isn’t too well liked, considering how many want to know why he is “evil”.


Bill Gross

While he may be known as the Bond King, apparently investors aren’t too interested in Bill Gross’s fixed income strategies.


Bill Ackman

It seems many people are not too fond of hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, as well as his stance on Herbalife [see also 50 Blogs Every Serious Trader Should Read].


Charlie Munger

Though he is best known for being the right-hand man and investment partner of Warren Buffett, people apparently are more concerned about Charlie Munger’s political and religious ideologies.


Mohamed A. El-Erian

No surprises here. After Mohamed A. El-Erian announced he would leave PIMCO, many are wondering why exactly he left.


Jeff Bezos

With being the largest online retailer in the world, investors want to know how exactly Jeff Bezos managed to make the company such a success.


Steve Ballmer

Though many are wondering why Steve Ballmer stepped down as CEO of Microsoft, the most important question concerns his excessive sweating.


David Einhorn

While this hedge fund manager has made headlines for his actions (shorting Lehman), most want to know why he filed a lawsuit against tech giant Apple.


Nouriel Roubini

Though well known for his “Dr. Doom” predictions, people are seemingly more concerned with his marital status.


Jamie Dimon

Apparently most people are quite split on their views of Jamie Dimon; some want to know why he is a good leader while others wonder why he is not in jail.


Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is certainly known for voicing his opinion; investors, apparently, have their own opinions on the infamous commodity bull.


Mark Zuckerberg

Many wonder how social media giant Mark Zuckerberg came to be so successful. Others, however, find Zuckerberg less endearing.


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Possibly one of the most bizarre autofills on this list, there are a apparently a lot of questions about the infamous Winklevoss Twins, Cameron and Tyler.


Bill Gates

Usually found towards the top of Forbes’ Billionaires List, most people want to know how Bill Gates came to be so rich and famous.


Steve Jobs

According to the results of Google autofill, the Apple King Steve Jobs is well-liked and respected by investors.


Sam Zell

Wall Street mogul Sam Zell has had many noteworthy investment deals, but most people are only concerned about why he bought the Chicago Tribune.


Mark Cuban

Though he may be an infamous businessman and investor, most people want to know when Mark Cuban will be on the show “Shark Tank.”


Eike Batista

Many people searching for Brazilian oil and gas giant Eike Batista apparently want to know more about his ex-wife – Luma de Oliveira, former model, actress and Brazilian carnival queen.


John Paulson

Though Paulson is best known for betting against the U.S. subprime mortgage market, most investors want to know why he is buying precious metals.


Larry Page

Considering his success, it’s not surprising to see people asking why Google’s Larry Page is such a good leader.


The Bottom Line

Though Google’s autofill feature can turn up some humorous results, some of these searches are perhaps not too far off base of how investors perceive some of the biggest names on Wall Street.