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9 Best Stock Advisor Websites, Services and Investment Subscriptions 2022

- TraderHQ Staff

Top Stock Advisor Investment Services

Stock picking services and investment newsletters such as Motley Fool Stock Advisor service can be helpful in discovering good investment opportunities while saving significant time in research and analysis.

However, not all services are created equal. It can be difficult to find reputable ones that provide proper transparency, have a history of beating the market with sound investing approaches. We’ve researched the best subscriptions and websites to make it easier for you to find the right option that best suits your investing goals.

🥇1. Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is the most popular stock picking service with around a million paying subscribers, 19 years of service and a consistent track record of beating the market by a wide margin.

The service releases two new stock picks per month in addition to bi-weekly best buy recommendations and annual started stock picks. In addition to the stock recommendations, members get investing resources, tools and premium content easily worth the subscription price alone.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Picks

Stock Advisor has had some incredible multi-bagger picks over the years. A $500 investment in these 5 Stock Advisor picks is worth $449,469 today.

Stock Advisor Stock Picks (2002 to 2022)ReturnAnnualized Return
Streaming Company27,447%1,607%
e-Commerce Company20,660%1,069%
EV Company16,083%1,754%
GPU/Chip Company15,748%940%
Hotel Bookings Company9,956%566%

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  • These recommendations have produced an average return of 17,979% or 1,187% annualized.
  • While these are the best performers the average Stock Advisor pick has returned 571.60% which is 4.8x the S&P 500.

Top Stock Advisor Picks From 2016 to 2021

Here are some of the best Stock Advisor picks since 2016. Those that invested $500 on recommendation date and still hold are sitting on $36,521 today.

Stock Advisor Stock Picks (2016 to 2022)ReturnAnnualized Return
e-Commerce Company3,163%575%
Dating Company1,118%194%
EV Company1,098%549%
Ad Tech Company1,016%244%
GPU/Chip Company909%185%

Q4 2019 – Stock Advisor Stock Picks

The Q4 2019 Stock Advisor picks have beat the market by 3.7X with an average return of 195% compared to 53% for the S&P 500.

Stock Advisor Stock Picks (2019 to 2019)ReturnAnnualized Return
Ad Tech Company268%124%
Marketing Tech Company191%92%
Vid Conf Company105%47%
IT Services Company72%35%
Streaming Company64%31%

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Latest Stock Advisor Picks

Here are the latest Stock Advisor stock picks and their projected revenue growth and recent gains.

Latest Stock Advisor Stock Picks 2021Revenue Growth Forecast
Stock Advisor Pick (Jan 6)
Stock Advisor Pick (Dec 16)-
Stock Advisor Pick (Dec 2)
Stock Advisor Pick (Nov 18)41%
Stock Advisor Pick (Nov 4)43%

Next Stock Advisor Pick

The next Stock Advisor pick will be released on Thursday Jan 20, 2022. New stock recommendations come out on the 1st and 3rd Thrusdays and the best buys come out on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

Stock Advisor Release ScheduleRelease Date
New Stock PickJan 6, 2022
5 Best Buys NowJan 13, 2022
New Stock PickJan 20, 2022
5 Best Buys NowJan 27, 2022

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What Do Stock Advisor Subscribers Get?

Monthly Picks – Two monthly stock picks from David and Tom along with full analysis of the company, its management and any potential risks.

Best Stocks to Buy Now – 10 timely picks from David and Tom along with the two most recent new recommendations each month.

Starter Stocks – Motley Fool recommends your portfolio consist of at least 15 stocks and these stocks are great to building a new portfolio.

Access to Motley Fool Live – 8 hours of new live streams each day. Content includes CEO interviews, deep dives on stock picks, investing strategies & psychology, Q&A and much more.

Unlimited Access – Stock Advisor is transparent about all its performance since inception. You get all access to all the picks and analysis back to the start.

Exclusive Research Reports – Exclusive reports on big industry trends impacting Stock Advisor stock picks like…

  • Inside the Car of Tomorrow
  • The Next Amazon.com
  • The Ultimate Virtual Reality Investing Playbook
  • AI Disruption Playbook

Member-only Discussion Boards – Learn and share stock investment strategies and picks from the Motley Fool membership community.

30 Day Refund – You can try Stock Advisor for 30 Days completely risk free. If you’re not satisfied with the service just request a refund within 30 days.

Price – Stock Advisor is $99/year for new members and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Stock Advisor + Rule Breakers Bundle - The Motley Fool now offers a special bundle discount for their two most propular services.

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2. Rule Breakers

Rule Breakers is another premium stock picking newsletter from The Motley Fool. This one exclusively features picks from David Gardner focusing on disruptive growth companies poised to be tomorrows market leaders.

Rule Breakers Returns

  • Rule Breakers: +289.20%
  • S&P 500: 121.10%

Rule Breakers & Stock Advisor Bundle

Rule Breakers is now available with Stock Advisor in a bundle discount with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Best Rule Breakers Picks

A $500 investment in these 5 Rule Breakers picks is worth $196,673 today.

These recommendations have beat the S&P 500 by 21.8X with an average return of 8,597% or 829% annually.

While these are the best performers the average Rule Breakers pick has returned 289.20% which is 2.6x the S&P 500.

Rule Breakers Stock Picks (2002 to 2022)ReturnAnnualized Return
EV Company16,283%1,615%
Intl. e-Commerce Company7,691%595%
Intuitive Surgical (ISRG)5,921%352%
e-Commerce Company4,917%843%
NetEase (NTES)4,522%265%

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The annualized returns show the average annual return for those that bought on recommendation date and continue to hold today, a true example as to why the Motley Fool recommends a long-term outlook, the compounding returns can be unreal.

Top Rule Breakers Picks From 2016 to 2021

Let's now take a look at the picks with the best returns from 2016 to present.

Rule Breakers Stock Picks (2016 to 2022)ReturnAnnualized Return
e-Commerce Company4,917%843%
Ad Tech Company1,970%408%
Boutique e-Commerce Company1,146%225%
Cloud Database Company1,102%288%
Development Tech Company879%167%

Q4 2019 – Rule Breakers Stock Picks

The Q4 2019 Rule Breakers picks have beat the market by 4.2X with an average return of 226% compared to 55% for the S&P 500.

Rule Breakers Stock Picks (2019 to 2019)ReturnAnnualized Return
Cloud Data Company306%141%
Boutique e-Commerce Company291%134%
Pet Company53%25%
Diabetes Equip Company27%13%
Exercise Equip Company-6%-3%

Latest Rule Breakers Picks

Here are the latest Rule Breakers stock picks.

Latest Rule Breakers Stock Picks 2021Revenue Growth Forecast
Rule Breakers Pick (Jan 13)-
Rule Breakers Pick (Dec 16)
Rule Breakers Pick (Dec 2)-
Rule Breakers Pick (Nov 24)
Rule Breakers Pick (Nov 11)9%

Next Rule Breakers Pick

The next Rule Breakers pick will be released on Thursday.

Rule Breakers Release ScheduleRelease Date
New Stock PickJan 6, 2022
5 Best Buys NowJan 20, 2022
New Stock PickJan 27, 2022

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Rule Breakers looks to invest in companies with

  • Innovative leadership in emerging industries.
  • Brands with strong consumer appeal.
  • Durable competitive advantages from intellectual property, visionary leaders or lack of competition.
  • History of price appreciation.
  • Stocks that are considered “grossly overvalued”.

Rule Breakers Features:

Two new stock picks each month – Two stock picks from David Gardner delivered to your inbox monthly.

Best Stocks to Buy Now – 5 best buy now stocks per month from a curated list of 200 stocks.

Starter Stocks – Cornerstone stock picks for new and mature portfolios.

Member-Only Investing Community – Access to Rule Breakers community of investors to share picks, strategies and learn from each other.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee – Cancel within 30 days and get 100% refund.

Price – Rule Breakers is $99/year for new members.

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Stock Advisor + Rule Breakers Bundle Discount

The Motley Fool now offers a bundle discount for Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers. Normal price is $499/year, now just $199/year for new members.

Since 2019 Stock Advisor and Rule breakers have 10 combined picks with an average return of 328% or 155% annualized. It's hard to believe these are returns on picks within the 2-3 years.

10 Best Picks Since 2019 (Stock Advisor & Rule Breakers)ReturnAnnualized Return
EV Company1,098%549%
Cloud Data Company306%141%
Medical Company305%114%
Boutique e-Commerce Company291%134%
Intl. e-Commerce Company278%152%
Ad Tech Company268%124%
e-Commerce Company205%117%
Marketing Tech Company191%92%
Streaming Hardward Company170%60%
Solar Company167%72%

One or two picks with triple digit returns in 3 years would be good, but to have more than 10 multi-bagger in that time is quite impressive.

Ultimately this is why you pay to access high quality stock recommendations and research, because we all want stocks like this in our portfolio.

Bundle Offer: Stock Advisor + Rule Breakers. 1 Year for $199

3. Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research is a premium service offering tools, stock picks and stock research to help you improve the performance of your portfolio.

Zacks #1 Rank List – Stock picks with Strong Buy recommendations. The top 5% with the most potential.

Stock Picks with Style Scores – Value, Growth and Momentum. Each stock pick is scored with a letter grade for each of. the investing styles.

Focus List – Portfolio of 50 long-term stocks picked based on their momentum on earnings.

Industry Rank – Discover stocks that are likely to be future out-performers.

ESP Filter – Expected surprise prediction filter to discover stocks that are likely to have surprising profits ahead of earnings reports.

Equity Research Reports – In-depth analysis on over 1,000 of the most popular companies, their fundamentals and growth potential.

Premium Screener – 45 filters created by Zacks to screen stocks likely to outperform the market.

4. Morningstar Premium

Morningstar premium gives you access to the tools, research and ratings from Morningstar.

What does Morningstar Premium cost?

Morningstar premium has monthly, 1 year and multi-year subscriptions options.

  • Monthly: $29.95
  • Annually: $199
  • Two Year: $349
  • Three Year: $449

Top Picks. Get access to the Morningstar “Best Investments Center” covering the top mutual fund, ETF and stock picks from Morningstar analysts.

Portfolio Manager. Easily manage your portfolio with a complete view of all your investments including personalized reports, ratings and monthly statements.

Portfolio X-Ray. Get a complete picture of your portfolio with 12 tools to help build a strong diversified portfolio.

Analyst Reports. Access the premium Morningstar research reports on thousands of securities.

Screeners. Premium stock screener and access to short lists of top stock recommendations.

Article Archive. Complete access to the entire Morningstar library.

5. InvestTech Research

InvesTech’s newsletter is dedicated to two areas: detecting unique buying opportunities and keeping your money safe. The track record of its model portfolio has been described as “more or less impervious to declines” by Forbes magazine’s report.

What You Get:

Research newsletter – Each issue will come with a monthly newsletter, including monetary and technical insight, proprietary metrics, and unique analysis. In addition, a research newsletter also provides market strategy tools such as InvesTech’s award-winning Model Portfolio.

Interim Bulletin – InvestTech devotes a lot of time to creating its monthly online update publication. Current issues of Research newsletter are always up to date.

24-hour Hotline – For the latest up-to-date perspectives and special recommendations, visit its website for this private weekly hotline. Other services charge $200 to $500 for this kind of access, but it’s free to access with InvesTech.

Personal Profit Guide – This guide will walk you through InvesTech’s “safety-first” strategy. Plus, you can find out how to use its model portfolios. It is your guide to using InvesTech’s “safety-first” strategy.

6. Kiplinger’s Investment Newsletters:

7. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha Premium offers several premium subscription options with investment advice, ideas, stock research, portfolio management tools and more with pricing from free to $199/month.

Basic – The free plan comes with stock news and analysis alerts. Investing newsletters, article alerts and access to blog and StockTalks.

Premium – The premium tier costs $19.99 / month and comes with all the basic features and unlimited access to the article library, performance ratings, quant ratings and dividend scores and forecasts.

Pro – The pro tier costs $199 / month and comes with a slew of additional features to the premium option.

8. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance Premium is a product to help improve your portfolio through insights on the companies your care most about, advanced tools and optimized charts tailored to your trading strategy with impressive visualizations to get the perfect perspective.

Key Features:

  • News and stock quotes in real-time
  • Direct trading by linking multiple broker accounts.
  • Daily stock ideas tailored to your interests
  • Curated investment research
  • Leading indicator metrics
  • Fair value analysis

Cost: Free 14 day trial. $35/month or $350/year. A free standard plan is also available with basic features.

9. MarketWatch

MarketWatch is a popular finance and investing site covering news, analysis and stock market data. In addition, they offer premium newsletters with analysis and actionable ideas to help you towards your investment goals. All 4 newsletters come with a free 30 day trial.

✅ Our top pick for best stock picking investment newsletter is Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

This stock picking service offers a ton of value for the money. We like their disciplined and consistent approach to investing and the results it has produced. The Motley Fool stock picks have consistently out-performed the market, making a compelling case for individual stock investing.

We find the service well suite for all long-term investors, new and old. If you are a new investor it’s a great option for learning a proven investment philosophy and building your first portfolio with their stock recommendations. Our second pick is the Rule Breakers service, you can check out our comparison of Stock Advisor vs Rule Breakers here.

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Stock Advisor FAQ

Is Motley Fool Stock Advisor Service any good?

The track record of the stock picks and investment advice of Stock Advisor is well documented, producing over 600% returns on average since 2002. They are transparent on performance and invest in great companies with high growth potential and a 5+ year time horizon.

Stock Advisor 60% Off Discount ($79/year)

As of Thursday Jan 20, 2022 Stock Advisor has limited-time 60% off discount, bringing the price of the service down to $79/year for new members. And the limited time offer still comes with the 30 day money back guarantee, allowing you try the service risk free and cancel for a full refund if you are not satisfied. During that 30 day period you will recieve two new stock recommendaitons and 10 best buy stock picks.

Motley Fool “All in Buy” Alert

Motley Fool will issue an “All in Buy” alert to Stock Advisor members when a home run hit opportunity presents itself, which historically has only happened about 24 times in 17 years.

Motley Fool Best Buys… Now / Today

Stock Advisor members get monthly best buys now recommendations from David and Tom’s past recommendations believed to be the most timely opportunities.

Is there a Discount for Stock Advisor Subscription?

Stock Advisor 1 year subscription is regularly $199, but new members can currently get 50% off or get the Stock Advisor + Rule Breakers bundle for just $199. New members can try it for $99/year with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Motley Fool double down alert

Double down alerts are issued by the Motley Fool to Stock Advisor members when they are recommending a stock for the second time. These double down alerts don’t happen very often and they have a strong history of over-performance of the other picks.

What are the Motley Fool Stock Picks?

Motley Fool has two premium stock picking services Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers both beating the market by a wide margin over the last 17 years. Stock Advisor has out-performed the S&P 500 by nearly 5x by making the calls on some of the best stocks of our time in Netflix, Disney and Booking.com just to name a few. Rule Breakers has beat the market by about 2x with some of its most notable investments being Baidu, Tesla and Under Armour. Rule breaker focuses on stock picks in companies that are disruptive future industry leaders.

Does Stock Advisor Give Sell Guidance?

Stock Advisor gives sell recommendations to its members when needed. The investing philosophy of Stock Advisor is founded on a buy and hold strategy but also believes in the principle of not losing money and so on occasion when it makes sense to sell and alert is sent out with that guidance.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor or Rule Breakers?

Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers have many things in common in terms of core investing principles. Stock Advisor picks come from both Tom and David Gardner while Rule Breakers are just stock picks from David Gardner which focus on explosive growth, disruptive companies that are believed to be tomorrows market leaders. Both have long track records of success and any serious investor would be well served to subscribe to both (bundle discount), however if you have to just pick one to start go with Stock Advisor and then add on Rule Breakers when you are ready for those investment opportunities.

Is the Motley Fool Legit?

Motley Fool is one of the most trusted financial companies with The Economist calling them an “Ethical Oasis”. They have a readership of over 50m/month and more than 700k Stock Advisor & Rule Breaker members.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Historical Returns Track Record

As of 7/11/2020 Stock Advisor has yielded returns of 494% compared to the S&P 500’s 102% return (since 2002). The Stock Advisor portfolio is made of David Gardners picks which are up 764% and Tom Gardner’s up 239%.

Is Stock Advisor worth the Money?

Stock Advisor costs just $99/year for new members, which is less than the cost of a Netflix subscription. Members get 24 new stock picks per year, plus 10 starter stocks and updated monthly best buys. The stock picks by themselves are well worth the money simply on their performance alone. The most understated value of a Stock Advisor subscription is all the supporting resources, research and content they provide which by itself is well worth the subscription price. If you are on the fence regarding the value of the service you can always try it risk free for 30 days and see for yourself.

How does Stock Advisor compare to other services?

We believe Stock Advisor is the best stock picking service because of the value, proven track record and how simple it makes building a market beating portfolio. Most stock picking services are much more expensive, offer less investor education with a smaller community than Stock Advisor. Additionally most services don’t have the longevity or track record of performance through changing bear and bull market conditions. Stock advisor has proven its value and performance for nearly 18 years. Stock Advisor makes investing in stocks simple. Because they provide all the analysis, risk assessments and transparent guidance you can quickly become educated in the best investment opportunities and invest in what you believe in.

Is Stock Advisor good for new investors?

Stock Advisor is well suited for all investors, new investors love the service as it provides a proven investment philosophy, tons of investment education and reports that are easy to understand. Additionally they help you build their recommended stock portfolio with 10-15 stocks from their curated list of starter stocks. These stocks are really great for any portfolio, not just new ones.

How much does Stock Advisor cost?

The Stock Advisor subscription costs $99/year for new members or just $1.90 per week and comes with a 30 day risk free period where you can get a refund if you’re not satisfied. Or you can get Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers bundled together for $199.

What’s the Stock Advisor investment style?

The investment style for the Stock Advisor service is a long-term, buy and hold outlook. They recommend holding for at least 3-5 years, but the longer the better. They look to invest in companies with strong balance sheets, great management teams and poised to be market leaders for many years ahead. Both David and Tom provide a stock pick each month and have different investment methodologies but agree on the same core principles. Stock Advisor is best for long-term investors who prefer individual stocks and are looking to add new investments to their portfolio on a regular basis.

When does Stock Advisor release new stock picks?

Stock Advisor releases new stock picks on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month. On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays they release the updated “Best Buys Now” lists.

When does Motley Fool live air?

Motley Fool live is a premium members only livestream covering market news, in-depth deep dives on stock picks, guest interviews and more. The stream airs weekdays from 9am to 5:30pm (EST) and 12-5pm on weekends.

What are Stock Advisor starter stocks?

Stock Advisor members get 10 starter stocks which are meant to be building blocks for any Stock Advisor portfolio providing stability in downturns and growth for the long-term. They recommend new Stock Advisor investors to start by buying at least 3 of the starter stocks while investing in the new stock recommendations on the way to building a portfolio of 25 or more stocks.

What types of stocks does Stock Advisor recommend?

Stock Advisor focuses on mid to large-cap stocks across many sectors most of which are growth stocks with a recommended holding period of 3-5 years. They do not recommend penny stocks or dividend stocks and only recommend stocks they would be comfortable holding for 10+ years. Some examples of these types of stocks include Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, AirBnB and Shopify. These are are stocks that have large TAM (total addressable market) and are leaders in their respective spaces.

Does Stock Advisor have an App?

Stock Advisor is available on mobile and desktop via their website but unfortunately they do not have an app for IOS or Android. In addition to their website they also send out great email updates making it easy to consume some of their content from your phone.

Day trading with Stock Advisor picks?

Stock Advisor is built around investing, not day trading and thus their stock recommendations come with a 3-5 year hold period.

What’s the latest Stock Advisor pick?

The last 5 Stock Advisor picks have come from four different industry groups including retail, software & services, capital goods, and semiconductor equipment with an average 3 year compounding annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% with the highest achieving 63% CAGR.

What’s Stock Advisors historical track record?

Stock Advisor was started in 2002 and they have published a scorecard of all stock picks since that time. Here is the historical track record for the Stock Advisor picks. The average Stock Advisor return is 563% compared to 129% for the S&P500 (As of 6/3/21).

What are the worst Stock Advisor picks?

The best Stock Advisor returns have produced +27,000% returns while the worst pick has lost 82%. Here are the three worst stock picks over the 20 year history of Stock Advisor 1. Intl Coffee Company (-82.1%) 2. Petroleum industry company (-77.7%) 3. CBD Company (-76.5%)

What are the best Stock Advisor picks?

Many of the most well known Stock Advisor picks have already been covered above. Here are some of the lesser known picks which have provided massive returns. 1. Healthcare Company up +3257% 2. Business services company up +1831% 3. Beverage Company up +1705% 4. Machine Vision Company +1093%

Does Stock Advisor Offer Free Refunds?

Stock Advisor gives all members 30 days to try the service risk free. Within the first 30 days of membership you can cancel for a complete refund. This is more than fair as you will gain complete access to all past and present stock recommendations and resources and get to see two new stock recommendations before you decide if the service is right for you.

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