2024 Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review: Worth It?

2024 Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review: Worth It?

Seeking a trusted partner to grow your wealth? Discover if The Motley Fool's Stock Advisor can help you invest with confidence and achieve your financial dreams, without the stress or guesswork.

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Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review

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Overview: Motley Fool Stock Advisor stands out as a premier stock picking service, offering individual investors an invaluable edge in navigating the complexities of the market.

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What truly sets Stock Advisor apart is its unwavering commitment to rigorous, high-quality research and analysis. The level of depth and insight that goes into each stock recommendation is unparalleled, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed investment decisions.

Beyond just providing stock picks, Stock Advisor takes a holistic approach to guiding you on your investing journey. The service maintains a steadfast focus on long-term investing principles, encouraging a patient and disciplined mindset that has proven to yield substantial results over time.

By prioritizing a buy-and-hold strategy and emphasizing the importance of diversification, Stock Advisor steers you away from the pitfalls of short-term trading and helps you build a resilient portfolio designed to weather market volatility.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Stock Advisor is its exceptional track record of performance. The service boasts an impressive history of delivering market-beating returns, with its stock recommendations consistently outperforming the S&P 500 index. This strong performance is a testament to the effectiveness of the Motley Fool's investment philosophy and the expertise of its analyst team.

What truly sets Stock Advisor apart, however, is its dedication to providing comprehensive guidance and education. The service goes beyond mere stock picks, offering a wealth of resources, tutorials, and community support to help you grow as an investor.

Whether you're a beginner just starting out or a seasoned investor looking to refine your skills, Stock Advisor meets you where you are and provides the tools and insights you need to succeed.

In essence, Motley Fool Stock Advisor is more than just a stock picking service—it's a powerful ally on your investing journey. By combining top-notch research, a long-term perspective, proven performance, and a commitment to education, Stock Advisor equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make smart investment decisions and achieve your financial goals.

If you're serious about taking control of your investments and unlocking the wealth-building potential of the stock market, Motley Fool Stock Advisor is an indispensable resource that belongs in every investor's toolkit.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

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Motley Fool Stock Advisor Stock Picks Performance

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor service has an impressive track record of delivering market-beating returns. The average return of a Stock Advisor pick since inception is 665.67%, far surpassing the S&P 500's 151.28% return over the same period.

In other words, Stock Advisor has outperformed the S&P 500 by an impressive 4.4 times. To put these numbers into perspective, if you had invested $1,000 in each of the 314 Stock Advisor recommendations since the service's launch in 2002, your portfolio would now be worth over $2 million.

The Stock Advisor team's track record is built on a diverse array of winners across multiple sectors and market conditions. For example:

  • Their 2005 recommendation of NVIDIA (NVDA) has soared more than 56,000%, turning a mere $1,000 investment into over $560,000 today.
  • Multiple recommendations of Netflix (NFLX) from 2004 to 2007 have yielded returns ranging from 15,000% to 32,000%.
  • The 2002 pick of Amazon (AMZN) has delivered a staggering 24,000%+ return.

Stock Advisor isn't just about chasing high-flying growth stocks. The team also has a knack for identifying undervalued, steady compounders, such as:

  • The 2002 recommendation of Costco (COST), which has since returned over 2,500%.
  • The 2012 pick of UnitedHealth Group (UNH), up more than 1,800%.

By consistently recommending a diverse mix of high-quality stocks and encouraging members to build balanced portfolios, Stock Advisor has helped thousands of individual investors beat the market and grow their wealth over the long term.

While not every pick is a winner, the service's overall performance speaks for itself. With an average return of 665.67% since inception, Stock Advisor has demonstrated a remarkable ability to identify market-beating investments year after year.

Bottom Line Upfront: The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is an excellent, well-rounded service for patient investors aiming to beat the market over the long run. The quality of the research, educational focus, and results set a high bar.

But it's not just the stock picks that make it valuable - it's how they guide you to steadily build a diversified portfolio aligned with your goals. The two-team structure also offers a nice mix of investing approaches suited to your style.

You get a "best of both worlds" with:

  • Team Everlasting's traditional focus on quality companies
  • Team Rule Breakers' pursuit of disruptive innovators

Ultimately, Stock Advisor can give you an investing edge, but it's not a silver bullet. You still need the discipline to keep adding to your portfolio consistently and stay focused on the long game. Used well, it's a powerful tool to elevate your investing and build lasting wealth.

At $89 for the first year with our special 55% discount link, I believe Motley Fool Stock Advisor is an incredible bargain for the level of research, stock analysis, and educational resources you receive.

Considering its 20+ year track record of substantially outperforming the market, the subscription can pay for itself many times over if you fully leverage all it has to offer. While not every pick is guaranteed to be a winner, the overall performance and expert guidance make it a savvy investment to enhance your portfolio.

If you're a long-term investor eager to grow your wealth in the stock market, Stock Advisor is a service I can wholeheartedly recommend.

The Good

Exceptional Stock Research and Analysis: One of the standout strengths of Motley Fool Stock Advisor is the depth and quality of the stock research. The team provides comprehensive analysis on each recommendation, diving into:

  • Financials
  • Competitive advantages
  • Management quality
  • Growth prospects

This detailed insight helps you understand the rationale behind each pick and make better-informed decisions.

Impressive Long-Term Performance: Stock Advisor has built a stellar track record of outperforming the market over the long run.

  • Since its inception in 2002, the average Stock Advisor pick has returned over ~6.0587~, far exceeding the ~1.444~ return of the S&P 500 over the same period.
  • Stock Advisor's recommendations have beaten the market by ~4.2x~ times.

While not every pick is a winner, the overall performance speaks volumes about the effectiveness of their approach.

Valuable Educational Content: More than just a stock-picking service, Stock Advisor is a rich educational resource. The library of articles, videos, and guides cover a wide range of investing topics, from basic concepts to advanced strategies.

The content is not only informative but easy to understand, helping you expand your investing knowledge and build lasting skills. Regular updates and reports also keep you abreast of market trends and developments impacting your portfolio.

Fosters Smart Investing Habits: What sets Stock Advisor apart is how it instills positive investing behaviors.

  • Advocates a long-term buy-and-hold approach
  • Steers you away from reckless trading and knee-jerk reactions to short-term noise
  • Reinforces key principles like diversification, patience, and investing regularly

By providing continuous guidance and a supportive community, it helps you stay disciplined and focused on your financial goals, even through market volatility.

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The Hype

Some of Motley Fool's advertising can overhype the Stock Advisor service at times, cherry-picking top performing recommendations and implying you can easily beat the market. While the service has an excellent track record overall, it's important to maintain realistic expectations.

Stock Advisor can give you an investing edge, but it's not a guaranteed path to riches. You still need to be disciplined about building a diversified portfolio over time. Don't expect to precisely match their advertised returns - your actual results will depend on which picks you choose, how much you invest, and when you buy and sell.

Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. Stock Advisor's buy-and-hold approach requires a long-term mindset. You have to be willing to ride out inevitable market volatility and not panic when a pick underperforms in the short run. Expecting quick gains is a recipe for disappointment.

Stock Advisor's recommendations are the starting point for your research, not the final word. You still need to vet each stock and make sure you understand the risks and growth drivers. Blindly following every pick without doing your own due diligence is unwise. Their analysts are top-notch, but not infallible.

Feeling Overwhelmed: Confused by the endless stream of stock information? The Motley Fool's Stock Advisor can simplify your choices. Check out the best stock advisor options to see if it aligns with your goals and reduce the stress of decision-making with the best stock advisors.

What Can Be Improved?

  • More steady stream of new stock ideas: Two new picks per month is a decent pace, but a more regular flow of fresh investing opportunities would be preferable. While their "Best Buys Now" and other updates help, getting new stock ideas more frequently in between the monthly intervals could enable investors to act on timely opportunities.
  • Expanded coverage of international stocks: Stock Advisor should broaden its scope beyond mostly U.S.-based companies and tap into more worldwide growth potential. Emerging markets and international trends hold promise, and having Stock Advisor's deep research into those areas could open up valuable new pathways for diversification and enhanced returns.
  • More regular updates on core portfolio holdings: Given the service's emphasis on a long-term investing horizon, more frequent and thorough analysis on the stocks in an investor's portfolio would help them stay informed.

The in-depth updates and sell recommendations from Stock Advisor can sometimes feel too few and far between when investors want to be on top of key developments with their holdings.

Seeking Guidance: Unsure about your ability to pick the right stocks? Trust in a service with a proven track record. Learn more about the best stock advisor websites and on how the stock advisors can empower your investment strategy.


If you're serious about investing for the long haul and determined to build real, lasting wealth, Motley Fool Stock Advisor is simply a must-have. With its unrivaled track record, top-tier stock picks, and wealth of expert guidance, it's a powerful tool that puts the odds of investing success firmly in your favor.

Stock Advisor isn't just another stock picking service - it's a comprehensive system for earning market-beating returns over time. By tapping into the Fool's proven strategies and giving you the conviction to invest with confidence, it empowers you to achieve your financial goals faster than you likely could on your own.

The potential impact over the years is truly game-changing. Imagine how compounding those returns could grow your portfolio value over time. With the Fool's picks consistently outperforming, all while saving you countless hours of research, Stock Advisor is simply one of the smartest investment decisions you can make.

So if you're ready to get serious about investing and put your wealth-building into high gear, now is the time to join. With Stock Advisor in your corner to guide you, you'll be well positioned to enjoy the freedom and rewards that investing success can bring.

Seize this opportunity to transform your financial future - start your Stock Advisor journey today!

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Long-Term Success: Want to prioritize sustainable growth over quick profits? The Motley Fool's Stock Advisor provides a cautious, analytical approach. Discover how the best stock advisor service could be your ally in achieving long-term financial success. Dive deeper into the best stock advisor subscription options.

FAQ: Motley Fool Stock Advisor

  • Q: How much does a Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscription cost?
    A: The regular price for a Stock Advisor subscription is $199 per year. However, with our link, you can get your first year for only $89, a 55% discount.

  • Q: What is the refund policy for Stock Advisor?
    A: The Motley Fool offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the service within the first 30 days, you can request a full refund of your subscription fee.

  • Q: How does Stock Advisor compare to other stock picking services?
    A: Stock Advisor stands out for its proven track record of outperforming the market, transparent performance reporting, in-depth research, and educational resources. While other services may make bolder claims, Stock Advisor's longevity and reputation set it apart.

  • Q: How do I make the most of my Stock Advisor subscription?
    A: To maximize the value of Stock Advisor:

    • Commit to a long-term investing mindset
    • Consistently invest in the monthly recommendations
    • Maintain a diversified portfolio
    • Allow your positions to compound over time
    • Leverage the educational resources and community to continually grow your investing knowledge
  • Q: Can I invest in only some of the Stock Advisor picks, or do I need to buy them all?
    A: You have the flexibility to choose which recommendations to follow based on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and available capital. The service encourages a diversified approach but does not require investing in every pick.

  • Q: How much money do I need to start investing with Stock Advisor?
    A: You can begin investing with any amount you're comfortable with. The service recommends starting with at least $1,000 to $2,000 to ensure adequate diversification, but you can build your positions gradually over time as your budget allows.

  • Q: How often does Stock Advisor re-evaluate and update its recommendations?
    A: The Stock Advisor team continuously monitors its recommendations and provides updates through articles, alerts, and monthly "Best Buys Now." They will issue sell recommendations if their opinion on a stock changes materially.

  • Q: How do I integrate Stock Advisor picks into my existing investment portfolio?
    A: Consider your current asset allocation and investment goals. You can use Stock Advisor recommendations to:

    • Enhance your stock exposure
    • Replace underperforming holdings
    • Build a standalone portfolio

    Ensure any adjustments align with your overall financial plan.

  • Q: Does Stock Advisor offer any resources for new investors?
    A: Yes, Stock Advisor provides a wealth of educational materials, including articles, videos, and guides covering:

    • Fundamental investing concepts
    • Stock analysis
    • Portfolio management

    The service aims to empower investors of all experience levels.

  • Q: Can I access Stock Advisor's recommendations and research from my mobile device?
    A: Absolutely. Stock Advisor offers a mobile-friendly website and dedicated iOS and Android apps, allowing you to access the service's full features and content on the go.

Best Alternatives to Motley Fool Stock Advisor

  1. Zacks Premium: If you appreciate the detailed research and analysis provided by Motley Fool Stock Advisor, you'll find Zacks Premium to be a compelling alternative. Zacks Premium offers in-depth investment research and stock analysis, much like Stock Advisor. They focus on providing actionable insights and recommendations based on their proprietary ranking system, which can help you make informed decisions. Additionally, Zacks covers a broader range of investment opportunities, including international stocks. To dive deeper into what Zacks Premium offers, read our in-depth review of Zacks Premium.
  2. Seeking Alpha Premium: For those who value comprehensive performance tracking and educational resources, Seeking Alpha Premium is a great alternative. Like Motley Fool Stock Advisor, it provides detailed analyses and recommendations, but with a stronger emphasis on community-driven insights and varied perspectives. Seeking Alpha Premium also offers real-time alerts and a robust platform for interactive discussions, which can enhance your investment strategy. To learn more about how Seeking Alpha Premium can elevate your investing journey, check out our detailed review of Seeking Alpha Premium.
  3. Benzinga Pro: If you seek regular updates and timely opportunities to complement your long-term investment strategy, Benzinga Pro is worth considering. This service provides a steady stream of real-time news and alerts, helping you stay on top of market movements. Benzinga Pro also offers advanced tools for stock screening and trend analysis, which can be particularly useful for active investors looking to capitalize on short-term opportunities. For a closer look at Benzinga Pro's features and benefits, read our comprehensive review of Benzinga Pro.
  4. 7investing: For investors interested in long-term growth strategies, 7investing offers a focus similar to Motley Fool Stock Advisor. 7investing's recommendations emphasize high-growth potential companies and provide detailed research reports to support their picks. Their service is designed to help you build a diversified portfolio with a long-term horizon. To explore how 7investing can help you achieve your investment goals, read our full review of 7investing.

Each of these alternatives has unique strengths that align well with the core intent of Motley Fool Stock Advisor, offering detailed research, educational resources, and tools to help you make informed investment decisions.

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Value in Investment: Unsure if a subscription fee is worth it? Validate your choice with detailed reviews and performance data. Check out the Motley Fool review and compare it to the Motley Fool stock picks to see if it meets your expectations for market-beating returns.

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