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Jared Cummans is an Analyst for TraderHQ where he contributes on a regular basis. Jared's articles have been featured in a number of financial publications, including Barron's, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. His interests in the trading world include commodity futures and trends as well as exchange traded products. Jared graduated from DePaul University with a degree in finance and currently lives in Chicago.

Recent Content By Jared Cummans
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Periodic Table of Asset Bubbles

This tool allows you to take a look at some of the largest asset bubbles in history. Click on a...

Lighter Side of TraderHQ

Quiz: Is Your Favorite Stock Profitable?

One of the most significant metrics when it comes to choosing the right stock is whether or not...

Lighter Side of TraderHQ

Quiz: Name That CEO

Some companies seem to cycle through CEOs like light bulbs, while others prefer to stick with a...

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The Best Investments of All Time

Wall Street has seen its fair share of all-star investors who have made their fortunes off of...
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Here's What a Collapsing Company Looks Like in 5 Charts

After the 2008 financial crisis, the collapse of a company is something that seems less...
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30 Bizarre Facts About the Dow 30 Companies

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is comprised of 30 of the biggest companies in the world, and is...
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A Stock Trend You Never Considered: Comparing Search Traffic and Stock Performance

Thanks to the development and our reliance on the internet, the investing world has watched its...
Trading Securities

Who Has the Most Subscribers?

In the Internet Age, a number of companies define their success in the number of users they have...
Trader University

Dow Jones Stocks: The Questions We Really Want Answered

The investing world has rapidly changed as the internet has made it easier than ever to conduct...
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Trading Strategies

Best Trend Trading Setups With Examples

Knowing which stock to trade is only half the battle; picking the right time and identifying the...

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What is the AB=CD Pattern & How to Use It

Many traders rely on chart patterns to help them identify trading opportunities. In some cases,...

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Bearish Pennant: How to Identify & Use It

Suppose that a stock that you’re watching suddenly moves sharply lower. After the significant...

Trading Strategies

Bullish Pennant: How to Identify & Use It

The stock that you’ve been watching suddenly experienced a sharp increase in price, but it...