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  • Did you know that...

    • Growth stocks are companies expected to grow their earnings at an above-average rate compared to other businesses in the market?
    • Opportunity cost refers to the potential benefits an investor misses out on when choosing one alternative over another?
    • The dividend yield indicates the percentage return on a dividend-paying stock, giving investors insight into the income potential of their investments?
    • Market liquidity can significantly impact the ease with which an asset can be bought or sold without affecting its price?
    • The 'risk-free rate' in finance typically refers to the yield on a 3-month u.s. treasury bill, representing the return on an investment with virtually no risk?

    Quotes of the Day:

    • "The most important thing in investing is to have a margin of safety." - Marty Whitman
    • "The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect." - Martin Zweig
    • "The most successful investors are those who are able to adapt to changing market conditions." - Ken Griffin
    • "The most successful investors are those who are disciplined and stick to their investment strategy." - Ken Griffin
    • "Investing is not a game of chance, it's a game of skill." - Mario Gabelli

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